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Style & philosophy

My clients often remark my talent to understand their cognitive structure and the way they perceive their life and work context. Many times during coaching my approach is to identify less productive points of view and to help my clients to develop more adequate ‘mind sets’ which will help them to reach their goals.
So my approach is pragmatic in the sense that it avoids all kinds of moralistic debate about good and bad although my approach is based on liberating and humanistic values. I generally support humanistic approaches: People have the right to be themselves and at the same time they need to adapt to the context they live in. A healthy balance between the two poles is mostly predictive for a good performance.

As I have written in my C.V. the theories I use all have this flavour. Gestalt approaches tend to alter semantic expression, R.E.T approaches try to develop ‘productive thinking’ and to lower stress, Soft System Theory tries to reduce complexity through elegant reduction and  behavioural approaches invite people to experiment and to search for feedback. I use these approaches in an eclectic way and apply them based on my assessment of the situation.
This assessment mostly generates from a first meeting with the client and in the case of middle and lower management with their superiors.