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Coaching & sparring

On a personal level most questions are about:
  • Own talents and further development;
  • Better organizing my own work, stress management and work-life balance;
  • Communication skills and impact of own behaviour on others;
  • Insight in own drives and implications for further career;
  • In these cases mostly 10 sessions of 2 hours are fixed with preferably involvement of superiors and/or personal department.

On a leadership level questions are about:

  • Attainment of more influence within own organisation;
  • Improvement and acceleration of cooperation in own team;
  • Development of own management style;
  • Management of expectations;
  • Work-life balance.

In these cases also 10 sessions are planned although the length of the coaching differs. The
approach is more open and depending on urgency and changes in management life. Some coaching develops into team coaching and transition workshops and others evolve into sparring arrangements about general organisational development issues such as:

  • Dealing with resistance to change;
  • Altering the culture of an organisation;
  • Stimulating self steering approaches;
  • Managing complexity;
  • Cooperation with other organisations;
  • Political issues.

Some of these last assignments can take a couple of years and sometimes they migrate to new
companies following the career of the manager involved.

Results are defined by clients and superiors depending on the goals agreed. For myself quality is defined by fitness for use and a growing practice for the last 15 years through recommendation by former and existing clients.