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Henk van Veelen

Henk van Veelen (1949)
Doctoral psychology ( R. University Groningen NL)

For over 25 years I held several positions in education, health care and business as a teacher/trainer, consultant and manager. After 10 years of teaching at the university of Groningen I started my career in the field of O.D. and training with Schouten en Nelissen in 1988 where I was responsible for the building-up of the company in the North of the Netherlands. I have a long-term experience in the field of organizational development and training. I transformed my activities into my own firm (Organisatieadviesbureau Van Veelen BV) in 1995 with strong emphasis on management coaching and process consultation. Besides that  I became a partner in SIMLEARN GMBH (2000) and Management Drives Deutschland GMBH (2003) both situated in Regensburg Germany. In that way I extended my working realm to Germany, Austria and Switzerland where I work on a regular basis.

My experience is in coaching and consulting people in organizations on the individual-, group- and organizational levels. I am particularly interested in supporting people when major changes occur in their companies due to (rapid) change and increasing complexity. Management coaching is mainly directed toward the middle and senior levels in the client organizations.

I worked in a wide range of profit, non-profit and not-for-profit companies and organizations. Clients have included local and regional government, transportation firms, technical- and financial consultancy firms, chemical- and manufacturing industries, space industry, development agencies, banking and insurance firms. Several of them are operating internationally.
My contributions include ‘Stress management’, ‘Organizational development as an innovative technique’ and ‘Introducing mentoring systems in the context of organizational change’. Over the last few years themes like international mediation, value-based organisational change and IT-based learning directed to soft skills and complexity management were added to my experience.

I have been part of several professional training and formal educational programs in the field of organizational development. Among them are the Professional Development Program of the International Institute of Organizational Development (IOD) in Leuven (Belgium) and the Rational Emotive Training Program from the Institute of Rational Emotive Therapy in New York. I was certified as a member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s International Organization and Systems Development Program. I qualified as a Management Drives coach with Visser & Copini in Driebergen (Holland) and I did several courses on coaching (Gestalt-,
RET- and NLP).

I have an accreditation as a scientific educated trainer in the register of the ‘Dutch Institute of Psychologists’ (NIP). I speak Dutch, German and English fluently and French sufficiently.